The Chinese herb Qing Yang Shen (Auricledleaf Swallowwort Root) relieves Alzheimer’s disease

The present study aims to assess the neuroprotective effects of Qing yang shen, a Chinese herbal medicine, in Alzheimer’s disease cellular and animal models and to determine its underlying mechanisms involving ALP regulation.

Methods: Qing yang shen extract was prepared and its chemical components were characterized by LC/MS. Then the pharmacokinetics and acute toxicity of Qing yang shen extract were evaluated. The neuroprotective effects of Qingyangshen extract were determined in 3XTg Alzheimer’s disease mice, by using a series of behavioral tests and biochemical assays, and the mechanisms were examined in vitro.

Results: Oral administration of Qing yang shen extract improved learning and spatial memory, reduced carboxy-terminal fragments (CTFs), amyloid precursor protein (APP), Aβ and Tau aggregates, and inhibited microgliosis and astrocytosis in the brains of 3XTg mice. Mechanistically, Qing yang shen extract increased the expression of PPARα and TFEB, and promoted ALP both in vivo and in vitro.

Conclusion: Qing yang shen attenuates Alzheimer’s disease pathology, and improves cognitive function in 3XTg mice, which may be mediated by activation of PPARα-TFEB pathway and the subsequent ALP enhancement. Therefore, Qing yang shen may be a promising herbal material for further anti-Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery.


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