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The transition from 11 to 12 meridian channels in ancient acupuncture theory

Pub Med

The discovery of modern evolutionary anatomy shows that the persistent median artery in the upper arm is a common variant with an increasing trend. This phenomenon can explain well the transition from the eleven meridians described in the Han silk and bamboo slips to the twelve meridians finalized in Neijing and the …

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Jing (essence)

Bright Summer Day

Jing translates into English as ‘essence’. Essence is a more concentrated form of yin. It’s like concentrated moisturising cream but in a fluid form that the body uses. It’s related to egg and sperm quality. Any chromosome abnormalities of the egg, poor egg reserves or morphology (physical structure) issues with …

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Chinese Herbal Cabinet

Blood is the same in Chinese medicine as it is in Western medicine. If you’re anaemic in Western medicine, you’ll be lacking in blood in Chinese medicine. However, there are two distinct differences: Chinese medicine will diagnose you as lacking in blood a lot sooner than Western medicine. This is …

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Qi (energy)

Running Water

Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is the same as energy. However, in East Asia, energy has more functions than just giving us oomph and power. It holds our organs in place and keeps them up so they don’t prolapse, including the embryo or foetus. It also protects the body from viruses and …

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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang Symbol

Yin and yang is the most important concept in Chinese medicine. Most people have heard of yin and yang but perhaps don’t know how they relate to health. Women are predominantly yin, while men are predominantly yang. Oestrogens are yin while testosterone is yang. Yin and yang should be in …

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