Jing (essence)

Jing translates into English as ‘essence’. Essence is a more concentrated form of yin. It’s like concentrated moisturising cream but in a fluid form that the body uses. It’s related to egg and sperm quality. Any chromosome abnormalities of the egg, poor egg reserves or morphology (physical structure) issues with the sperm show a deficiency of jing.

Jing is housed in the kidneys. We are born with a set amount of it that we inherit from our parents and which we in turn pass on to our children.

If your jing is deficient then the body is exhausted, which may cause problems conceiving and can be a factor in reoccurring miscarriages. A poor diet, genetics or working long hours over many years can deplete jing levels.

To improve levels of jing, you must increase levels of blood which nourishes yin that then nourishes jing.

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