What to wear to your acupuncture session

It’s ideal to wear loose clothing to your acupuncture treatment to make it easily accessible to parts of the body. Clothing should be able to be rolled up to the elbows or knees to get easy access to where commonly used acupuncture points are located.

Most acupuncturists will want to stimulate some points below the elbow and knees with fine needles.

If you are having your back pain treated, then you will be asked to remove all your upper body clothing. Most of the time women can leave their bra on.

During your session, you’ll be asked your medical history and your tongue and pulse will be examined. You will lie on the treatment couch for up to 30 minutes, so it’s important to wear clothing that will be comfortable during this time.

Don’t arrive to your acupuncture appointment with an empty stomach as you may feel dizzy afterwards. Hours before it’s good to stop drinking coffee as it can change the colour of your tongue coating and affect the pulse diagnosis.

Try not to take any medications or have a heavy meal before your appointments because it may affect your energy flow.

Many acupuncturists will use a heat lamp which can make you feel a bit warm so you may not need to wear a sweater or jumper.

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