Dry needling

Dry needling uses trigger points to release muscle spasms. It doesn’t stimulate acupuncture points on the acupuncture channel and is therefore completely different to acupuncture.

During a dry needling session, a thick acupuncture needle is inserted into the spasming muscle to locate the trigger point. Once the trigger point has been located and stimulated by the acupuncture needle, the patient takes 2-3 breathes which helps to release the muscle spasm and pain.

Unfortunately, there is a higher risk of side effects whilst using dry needling, as practitioners are poorly trained in needling and often push the needle too deep into the body looking for the trigger point, which can then puncture a internal organ.

How long does it take to train in dry needling?

The time is takes to train in dry needling ranges from 30-300 hours. Traditional acupuncturists train for 3,500 hours.

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