Acupuncture points for autism in children

YUAN Qing‘s clinical experience in treating autism spectrum disorder using Tiaoshen (regulating the spirit) acupuncture is summarized. YUANQing believes that the basic pathogenesis of children with autism spectrum disorder is due to the impairment of brain essence and heart mind. Thus regulating the spirit, especially adjusting brain essence and heart mind is essential during clinical treatment.

The main acupoints on the head (brain tri-points, four-spirit points, spirit setting points, mental tri-points, spirit waking-up points and foot mental points) are used to adjust brain essence, and hand mental tri-points (Shenmen[HT 7], Neiguan[PC 6] and Laogong[PC 8]) are used for adjusting heart mind, and emphasizing the importance of the spirit of the doctor and the children’s parents.


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