Commonly used acupuncture points to treat insomnia in the elderly

The published literature of insomnia in the elderly treated with acupuncture was retrieved in CNKI, Wanfang and VIP from the date of establishment to December 31, 2019. Association rule analysis and cluster analysis were used to summarize the acupoint selection rules of insomnia in the elderly treated with acupuncture. A total of 37 articles were included, involving 60 acupuncture prescriptions.

The most commonly used acupoints were Sanyinjiao (SP 6), Shenmen (HT 7), Anmian (Extra), Baihui (GV 20), Sishencong (EX-HN 1), Neiguan (PC 6), Xinshu (BL 15) and Taixi (KI 3). The most commonly used acupoint combinations were Sanyinjiao (SP 6)-Anmian (Extra)-Baihui (GV 20)-Sishencong (EX-HN 1)-Shenting (GV 24)-Shenmen (HT 7)-Xinshu(BL 15), Xinshu(BL 15)-Pishu (BL 20)-Shenshu (BL 23)-Shenting (GV 24), Zhaohai (KI 6)-Shenmai (BL 62), Taichong (LR 3)-Ganshu (BL 18), Daling (PC 7)-Taixi (KI 3), Neiguan (PC 6)- Zusanli (ST 36) and Guanyuan (CV 4)-Qihai (CV 6)-Zhongwan (CV 12).

On the basis of acupoint selection according to disease differentiation, the acupoint selection rules and characteristics of insomnia in the elderly treated with acupuncture are regulating and supplementing the spleen and kidney and treating according to spleen-kidney.


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