Why physiotherapists shouldn’t practice acupuncture

Ellen White has revealed how suffering a punctured lung was a “big reason” for her decision to retire from football.

The 33-year-old England and Manchester City striker, who confirmed the end of her career on Tuesday, endured the “traumatic” experience last year while receiving ‘acupuncture’ treatment.

White had suffered back spasms after returning from the Tokyo Olympics and Manchester City arranged for her to meet an elite sports physiotherapist to provide her with acupuncture last August.

Acupuncture is not regulated in the UK. Physiotherapists perform acupuncture after undertaking a weekend course.

Reference: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12682422/ellen-white-former-england-striker-reveals-suffering-punctured-lung-was-a-big-reason-for-her-retirement

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