Both conventional acupuncture and motion style acupuncture improve neck pain

Background: Neck pain is the most common symptom of cervical spondylosis.

Objective: To discuss the indications for conventional acupuncture therapy and motion style acupuncture therapy combined with conventional acupuncture therapy in neck pain patients using data mining.

Method: Seventy-six participants with neck pain were recruited and randomly divided into two paralleled groups. Participants in intervention group received two-course motion style acupuncture therapy at Houxi (SI 3) and conventional acupuncture therapy at local neck region, while the control group received conventional acupuncture therapy at neck only. Take the SF-36 score scale and pain pressure threshold (PPT) values as the raw data and use data-mining to evaluate the clinical effect of two treatments.

Result: Both groups have the best effect after one-time and one-course treatment. The main factors influencing effect most are Role-Emotional (RE), Physical Functioning (PF) and Social Functioning (SF) in intervention group, while it transfers to General Health (GH), RE and SF in control group. To patients in intervention group who scores 41.70 to 68.70 in PF before treatment, motion style acupuncture therapy can effectively improve the restriction of activities and play an analgesic effect; to patients in control group who score 56.09 to 66.09 in GH before treatment, conventional acupuncture therapy may have curative effect.

Conclusion: Both motion style acupuncture therapy and conventional acupuncture therapy can improve the life-quality of neck pain patients. Patients with high general health status before treatment can choose conventional acupuncture therapy, while patients who score mild to moderate decline in physiological function can choose motion style acupuncture therapy combined with conventional acupuncture therapy.


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