Chinese herbal medicine promotes diabetic wound healing

Aim of the review: This study has been carried out to reveal the classical signaling pathways and potential targets by the action of TCM on diabetic wound healing and provides evidence for its clinical efficacy.

Materials and methods: “diabetic wound”, “diabetic foot ulcer”, “traditional Chinese medicine”, “natural plant” and “medicinal plant”, were selected as the main keywords, and various online search engines, such as PubMed, Web of Science, CNKI and other publication resources, were used for searching literature.

Results: The results showed that TCM could regulate the signaling pathways to promote diabetic wound healing, such as Wnt, Nrf2/ARE, MAPK, PI3K/Akt, NF-κB, Notch, TGF-β1/Smad, HIF-1α/VEGF, which maintaining inflammatory interaction balance, inhibiting oxidative stress and regulating abnormal glucose metabolism.

Conclusion: The effect of TCM on diabetic wound healing was reflected in multiple levels and multiple pathways. It is envisaged to carry out further research from precision-targeted therapy, provide ideas for screening the core target of TCM in treating diabetic wounds and create modern innovative drugs based on this target.


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