A combination of Chinese and Western medicines offers best results for injured athletes

The issue of sports injury and rehabilitation has been a hot topic in competitive sports. With the continuous development of sports dance sports requirements and competition system, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce and the special technical requirements are more stringent; it can easily cause eye damage.

Traditional Chinese medicine clinics often use Chinese medicine internal treatment, external Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, cupping, scraping, exercise, and other treatment methods to treat waist injuries, which have the characteristics of significant curative effect, small side effects, and being not easy to relapse. It plays an important role in the recovery and treatment of athletes, allowing athletes to better repair, reduce physical discomfort, and achieve better results.

The increase in training difficulty and intensity leads to more frequent sports injuries, so the recovery of athletes after injury is particularly important. Based on the above background, the purpose of this article was to study the traditional Chinese and Western medical treatment and sports rehabilitation for waist injuries of sports dance athletes. This article analyzes the technical problems existing in the training process of sports dance athletes from the perspective of sports training, and analyzes the nature of sports dance athletes’ waist injuries and the causes of injuries.

In this article, 45 sports dance athletes were randomly divided into three groups: traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Western medicine. Patients treated with the optimized combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine were regarded as the traditional Chinese and Western medicine group. The clinical symptoms, limb circumference, waist function rehabilitation, and overall efficacy of the three groups were observed. At the same time, changes in physical examination indicators before and after treatment were observed to evaluate the safety of the treatment.

The experimental results showed that the total effective rate of the Chinese and Western medicine group was 95%, the total effective rate of the Chinese medicine group was 84%, and the total effective rate of the Western medicine group was 90%. The symptoms and waist injuries of the three groups were improved to varying degrees.

The results of this experiment provide a reference for protecting the physical health and scientific training of athletes, and also provide training ideas and methods for coaches and scientific and medical personnel.

Reference: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36237580/

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