The Chinese herbal formula Wen Jing Tang improves blood flow to the uterus

Objective: To investigate the relationship between symptom patterns of cold coagulation and blood stasis (CCBS) and microcirculation disturbance. In addition, we determined the efficacy of modified Wenjing decoction (WJD) for the treatment of CCBS.

Methods: CCBS was induced in rats with an ice-water bath treatment. The ovarian function, microvascular and circulatory status of reproductive organs, and function of local microvascular endothelial cells (VECs) and vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) were evaluated.

Results: Ovarian dysfunction was observed in the rats with CCBS. It was characterized by the presence of an estrous cycle disorder and a decrease in reproductive hormone levels. Microvascular circulation disorders were associated with an imbalance in vasoconstriction, relaxation substances, nitric oxide, abnormal blood flow in whole blood, and decreased blood flow in the auricle and uterus. VECs were damaged, and VSMCs contracted and proliferated in ovarian and uterine tissues.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that the dysfunctional reproductive organs observed in gynecological CCBS may be closely related to the microcirculation disturbance of local tissues, microvascular contraction, and vascular remodeling. Modified WJD can be used to treat CCBS by improving microcirculation in reproductive organs.


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