Does acupuncture hurt?

Generally no, acupuncture doesn’t hurt. The acupuncture needles are so fine, like the width of a hair. You can fit 20 acupuncture pins into a single syringe.

When people think of acupuncture, they tend to think of blood tests or vaccinations, which can be painful. This puts people off having acupuncture. However, acupuncture is not the same. A pin is used rather than a needle and it is inserted into the muscle rather than a vein.

Some people may feel the acupuncture needles go in, but it’s not painful, you just notice it, like a little prick and others may feel nothing. That’s how it’s been for thousands of years. The needle is inserted very quickly. Once the needle is in, you may feel a dull ache or a tingling sensation, which is normal.

Having a needle inserted into the fingers or toes may feel sharp but this will only last a second or two. Removing the needles doesn’t hurt either.

People find it so relaxing that they sometimes fall asleep. Yes, having 20-30 acupuncture pins in you can be that relaxing!

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