The best Chinese herbal patents for hypertension

This study aims to systematically evaluate the effect of oral Chinese patent medicines on hypertension with network Meta-analysis. Randomized controlled trials on the treatment of hypertension with oral Chinese patent medicine combined with conventional western medicine were retrieved from China National Knowledge Infrastructure(CNKI), Wanfang, VIP, SinoMed, PubMed, EMbase, and Cochrane Library (from establishment of the database to August 2021).

Two researchers independently screened the articles, extracted the data, and evaluated article quality. Then R 4.1.0 was employed for data analysis. Finally, 195 eligible articles were screened out, involving 22 546 patients and 18 oral Chinese patent medicines.

The results of the network Meta-analysis are as follows. In terms of reducing systolic blood pressure(SBP) and diastolic blood pressure(DBP), Xuesaitong, Qiangli Dingxuan Tablets, Songling Xuemaikang Capsules combined with conventional western medicine are superior. In improving blood lipids, the overall effects of Xinmaitong Capsules, Compound Xueshuantong Capsules, Ginkgo Folium preparations, Yindan Xinnaotong Soft Capsules, and Naoxintong Capsules combined with conventional western medicine are outstanding. In terms of regulating endothelial function, Yindan Xinnaotong Soft Capsules, Xinmaitong Capsules, Zhenju Jiangya Tablets, Compound Danshen Dripping Pills, Xuesaitong with conventional western medicine have certain advantages.

As for the safety, the incidence of adverse reactions of conventional western medicine combined with oral Chinese patent medicines is lower than that of conventional western medicine alone. In summary, compared with conventional western medicine alone, the 18 oral Chinese patent medicines combined with conventional western medicine in the treatment of hypertension show advantages in improving blood pressure, blood lipids, and endothelial function.

Among them, Xue Sai Tong, Qiang Li Ding Xuan Wan, and Song Ling Xue Mai Kang Wan may be the best oral Chinese patent medicines for lowering blood pressure.


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