Ginseng on the skin is anti-aging

Objective: Ginseng is widely used in cosmetics and skin care. The progress of research on the effect of ginseng on the skin was explored through a summary and analysis of skin-related studies on ginseng conducted over in the past 20 years, and this exploration aimed to elucidate new research opportunities with regard to the development and application of ginseng treatments for the skin.

Materials and methods: Keywords were used to retrieve human studies related to the use of ginseng to treat skin conditions from the Web of Science. Scientometric analyses were performed in R to analyze the studies on the human skin-related effects of ginseng conducted from 2000 to 2019.

Results: The main active ingredient in ginseng is ginsenoside, and its effects on the skin are mostly anti-aging and whitening. Ginseng extract regulates the levels of matrix metalloproteinases in human fibroblast type I collagen to improve the elasticity and water content of skin. In addition, ginseng inhibits the transcription factors or signaling pathways involved in the formation of melanin, it exerts a whitening effect. The authors of the retrieved studies are mostly located in Asia, mainly South Korea and China. Wang Y, Kim JH, and Kim YJ are relatively influential scholars, these ginseng-related articles published in the Journal of Ginseng Research, Molecules and other journals are very important in this field.

Conclusion: This study shows the development of trends in research on ginseng as a raw cosmetic material used on the skin and thus enables researchers to rapidly understand the key information in the field of ginseng research, comprehend the research directions, and improve their research efficiency.


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