Acupuncture safe in pregnancy for migraine relief

pregnancy when most drugs are contraindicated. There is accumulating evidence for the efficacy and safety of acupuncture for migraine in the general population but very little to no data on acupuncture during pregnancy. With this retrospective study, we wanted to determine whether an association exists between acupuncture treatment and preterm delivery and side effects of therapy.

The initial study group was 68 women with migraine (29.78% with aura and 70.21% without aura), 47 of which responded to a questionnaire on acupuncture safety within 6 weeks of delivery. A so-called Formula Acupuncture was used for all these patients in order to permit comparison. Influence of acupuncture on gestational age at birth was carried out according to number of treatment sessions (more than and fewer than 10) and stratifying the study sample by age group (over and under 30 years) and risk pregnancy.

Analysis showed no statistically significant difference in gestational duration between the two groups or an association between the number of acupuncture sessions and preterm delivery. Symptoms during treatment were generally transient or mild. The most common symptoms were relaxation, pain at the insertion sites, mild bleeding, and paresthesia.

Our preliminary data indicate that acupuncture may be safe during pregnancy in women with migraine.


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