The Chinese herbal formula Qing Jin Yi Qi Wan improves long COVID-19 symptoms

Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Qing Jin Yi Qi Wan on post-COVID-19 condition (PCC).

Method: Patients who met the inclusion criteria were randomly assigned to two groups, the Qing Jin Yi Qi Wangroup received Qing Jin Yi Qi Wan combined with standard rehabilitation treatments (SRTs) and the control group only received SRTs. The treatment course was 14 days.

The primary outcomes were modified Medical Research Council (mMRC) scale and Borg scale, while the secondary outcomes included symptoms score and 6-minute walking distance (6MWD). The safety outcome was the incidence of adverse events.

Results: A total of 388 patients with post-COVID-19 condition were enrolled and randomly assigned to the Qing Jin Yi Qi Wan group (n = 194) and the control group (n = 194). Compared to the controls, the mMRC scale was improved in the Qing Jin Yi Qi Wan group, which was better than that of the control group [β (95%CI): -0.626 (-1.101, -0.151), p = 0.010].

A significant improvement in Borg scale was also observed in the Qing Jin Yi Qi Wan group compared to the control group [β (95%CI): -0.395(-0.744, -0.046), p = 0.026]. There was no statistically significant difference in symptoms score and 6MWD between the two groups (p = 0.293, p = 0.724). No treatment-related adverse events were observed in either group.

Conclusions: Qing Jin Yi Qi Wan can bring benefits to patients with post-COVID-19 condition, mainly in the improvement of breathlessness and fatigue.


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