The Chinese herb Dang Shen regulates immune function

Codonopsis radix is an important edible and medicinal plant resource for immunomodulation in China and Southeast Asia. However, the chemical quality evaluation of Codonopsis radix in Chinese Pharmacopoeia is still lacking; therefore, it is necessary to develop an effective method to evaluate its quality accurately and systematically.

Herein, a reliable method for a comprehensive chemical analysis of bioactive compounds in Codonopsis radix by ultra-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detector was developed based on the quality marker (Q-marker) concept, which can efficiently reflect its immune activity.

Our previous research explored the seven potential bioactive compounds reflecting the immune regulation activities of Codonopsis radix by spectrum-effect relationship analysis. Therefore, in this study, we researched on establishing a quality control method and selected the modern pharmacodynamic experiment of immune regulation to verify the potential bioactive compounds as quality markers.

A real quality control method that reflected the traditional efficacy of Codonopsis radix in strengthening the spleen and tonifying lungs was developed.

Furthermore, the Codonopsis radix extract and the seven bioactive compounds could promote the proliferation of immune-related cells and regulate the secretion of inflammatory factors, thus playing a role in immune regulation.


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