Martial arts reduces hypertension

Objectives: To examine the associations of specific types of physical exercises, dietary preferences, and obesity patterns with incident hypertension. 

Methods: In this cohort study, obesity patterns were defined using general and abdominal obesity as G-/A-, G+/A- or G-/A+, and G+/A+. The type of physical exercises and dietary preferences were collected using a validated questionnaire. Participants with systemic blood pressure/diastolic blood pressure ≥140 mmHg/90 mmHg, use of antihypertensive medications, or a self-reported diagnosis were identified as hypertension. 

Results: There were 10,713 participants in this study. Martial arts, gymnastics, and ping pong could decrease the risk of hypertension (HR: 0.792, 0.884, and 0.855; and 95% CI: 0.743-0.845, 0.825-0.948, and 0.767-0.953, respectively). However, TV or computer usage, and consumption of fast food, soft/sugared drinks, and salty snack food could increase incident hypertension (HR: 1.418, 1.381, 1.233, and 1.225; and 95% CI: 1.315-1.529, 1.269-1.504, 1.157-1.314, and 1.139-1.316, respectively). Obese subjects had an increased risk of hypertension. 

Conclusion:The type of physical exercises, dietary preferences, and obesity patterns were associated with incident hypertension. More attention should be paid to these lifestyles to benefit health outcomes.


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