Electroacupuncture improves upper limb spasticity in stroke cases

Background: : Post-stroke upper limb spasticity (PS-ULS) causes a decline in the quality of life of patients by reducing their ability to perform normal daily activities.

Objectives: : We performed pre- and post-treatment analyses of the changes in stroke patients with ULS following constant electroacupuncture therapy.

Methods: : Thirty patients with PS-ULS underwent 12 sessions of electroacupuncture over 4 weeks. After performing acupuncture therapy at four acupoints on the affected arm (LI11, LI10, LI4, and TE5), electrostimulation (60 Hz) was performed for 20 min. The modified Ashworth scale (MAS) and the Fugl-Meyer assessment of the upper extremity (FMA-UE) were measured as the outcome variables.

Results: : Following electroacupuncture, there was a significant decrease in the elbow MAS score (p < 0.001), a significant decrease in the wrist MAS score (p < 0.01), and a significant increase in the FMA-UE score (p < 0.001). Adverse events related to electroacupuncture were not reported.

Conclusion: : electroacupuncture decreased upper limb spasticity and improved functional recovery at the elbow and wrist. Large-scale and rigorous clinical trials are needed to verify the efficacy of electroacupuncture.

Reference: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/38115590/

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