Auricular acupuncture relieves premenstrual symptoms

Objective: This study aimed to investigate the effect of auriculotherapy on the intensity of physical and mood of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms.

Design: Single-blind randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Setting: Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil.

Intervention: Ninety-one women were randomly assigned to auriculotherapy, placebo and control groups. The intervention was 8 weeks long, done once per week. At each session in AG the microneedles were placed in seven points related to PMS symptoms (Anxiety; Endocrine; Muscle relaxation; Analgesia; Kidney; Shen Men; and Sympathetic). At PG the microneedles also were placed in seven points but unrelated to PMS symptoms (Tonsils; Vocal cords; Teeth; Eyes; Allergy; Mouth; and External nose).

Main outcome measures: Assessments of PMS symptoms (Premenstrual Syndrome Screening Tool), musculoskeletal pain (Nordic Musculoskeletal Questionnaire), anxiety (Beck Anxiety Inventory), and quality of life (WHOQOL-Bref) were done at baseline, before the 5th session, after program completion, and a month follow-up.

Results: The auriculotherapy and placebo showed significantly lower scores of PMS symptoms, musculoskeletal pain, and anxiety. On the quality of life and follow-up analysis, the significance was observed only in placebo.

Conclusion: Auriculotherapy can be used as adjunctive therapy to reduce the physical and mood PMS symptoms.


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