Moxibustion of governing vessel improves psoriasis

Background: It was hypothesised that governor vessel moxibustion therapy may improve the course of mild to moderate psoriasis in patients.

Methods: A randomized, controlled clinical trial lasting 40 days was conducted at the Shaanxi Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine. Investigators were blinded to patient groupings. Individuals with mild to moderate psoriasis ranging in age from 18 to 70 years were enrolled. Governor vessel moxibustion therapy was administered one every 10 days for 40 days with 1.5 hours on the governor meridian in the governor vessel moxibustion therapy group. The PS area and severity index (PASI) and dermatological life quality index (DLQI) scores were monitored before and after treatment.

Results: There was a significant reduction in the mean PASI score in the governor vessel moxibustion therapy group of 0.76 points (2.37 [2.61]; SE, 0.39) after 40 days of treatment compared with the control group (3.12 [2.12], SE, 0.32) (P < .01). There were also significantly greater changes in the DLQI scores of the governor vessel moxibustion therapy group (4.23 [2.25]; SE, 0.34) compared with those in the control group (8.91 [3.85]; SE, 0.59) (P < .001).

Conclusion: Governor vessel moxibustion therapy effectively reduced both PASI and DLQI scores in patients with mild to moderate psoriasis.


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