Electroacupuncture promotes diabetic wound healing

Diabetic foot ulcers are the prevalent complication of diabetes mellitus, frequently culminating in arteriosclerosis of the lower extremities and consequent development of chronic wounds. The effectiveness of electroacupuncture (EA) as therapeutic intervention for promoting wound healing in this particular group of patients has been comprehensively assessed in this study. A randomized controlled trial involving 380 early diabetic patients with arteriosclerotic lesions of the lower limbs was conducted. Standard wound care plus EA was administered to the treatment group, while standard wound care alone was administered to the control group. The principal outcome assessed was the reduction in lesion size following the 8-week treatment period. Pain scores, recuperation time, and quality of life (QoL) evaluations constituted secondary outcomes. In comparison to the control group, the treatment group exhibited a significantly greater reduction in wound size (p < 0.05). The treatment group exhibited significantly reduced pain scores and significantly higher QoL scores (p < 0.05). The duration of recovery did not vary substantially among the groups (p > 0.05). Electroacupuncture thus appeared to be an effective adjunctive treatment for early diabetic patients with lower limb arteriosclerotic lesions, promoting pain relief and quality of life. Additional investigation is necessary to validate these results and delve into the underlying mechanisms of action.

Reference: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/38093499/

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