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Twickenham Therapy Clinic is a new traditional and holistic therapy clinic in Twickenham, London Borough of Richmond. It is located in the heart of Twickenham town centre with easy parking surrounding the clinic and close to Twickenham train station and bus stops.

The clinic is located above a shop in Twickenham’s high street, with a short number of stairs leading to the bright and comfortable waiting room. Entry to the clinic is via a door code or door bell.

Although the clinic is new, our therapists have several years of experience in their chosen field of expertise. Our large range of therapists offer a professional service to the surrounding communities of Richmond, Teddington, Ham, St Margarets, Sunbury, and Hampton.

Our therapists are able to treat a variety of health problems. There are too many to list here, so please contact the therapist directly or if you don’t know which therapy can help you, contact the clinic directly and we will advise you of which one we think is best.

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